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Germany Ski Vacations If you love to ski and plan to travel to Germany to enjoy of an extraordinary ski vacation with friends, family or alone, then a good beginning can be searching for information. Having the information, you can choose a ski area that meets your expectations and that assure you to enjoy of a great ski experience. Well, here in this section “Germany ski vacations”, you can read about some of the cozy and awesome ski areas in this country. 

Although Austria and Switzerland can be the preferred destinations for other people, Germany definitely offers a splendid and a perfect scenery for ski lovers. The sun, the snow and the sky make a perfect combination that dazzles visitors and allow them to enter in a new world that differs hugely from their routine. Just when one experiences skiing in the great ski areas of Germany, one can realize that it is worth deciding for it.

There are many things skiers have to do, in order to enjoy of ski vacations in Germany. Those things include choosing the ski area, look for accommodation, among others. Well, here, we are going to give you the names of just three of the many great ski areas that Germany has.


Just 60 miles south of Munich, winter sports lovers can find the great ski area called “Garmisch-Partenkirchen” (the twin towns Garmisch and Partenkirchen together are the best known ski resort in Germany). This ski area boasts the Germany’s highest mountain, called “Zugspitze” (2962m/9,781ft).

What makes of this area a wonderland for winter sports lovers? Well, skiers, snowboarders and others winter sports lovers like this area for its tradition, nice climate, wonderful scenery and hospitality.  All things mentioned before along with the exclusive ski runs make possible that in this amazing area be performed international sports competitions on a regular basis such as alpine skiing, hockey, curling, ski jumping, among others.

In the ski area of “Garmisch Classic” is located the ski mountain Hausberg (1310m/4,298 ft), which is the preferred area for families who look for enjoying of skiing with children, so if you are thinking in traveling with all your family don’t overlook this area, which is also a perfect place for beginners. 

Moreover, Garmisch offers other things to visitants. Thus, skiers can also enjoy of concerts, museums, art exhibitions, spa facilities, nigh life, casinos, exclusive dining rooms, and much more!


It is located about 2 ½ hours to the north of Frankfurt. It has access to 15 km of downhill skiing, where  skiers, for sure, have a good experience. Its lower altitude (500m to 840m) makes of this, an extraordinary place for skiing, particularly for beginners and intermediate skiers and also for the whole family. Children definitely will enjoy of skiing here. 

Skiers of all levels can take ski lessons to get not only ski training, but expert advice about ski slopes and local conditions. The accommodation is not a problem here, because there are different types of accommodation that include apartments, ski chalets, etc.


This ski area is another of the most popular destinations for skiers in Germany, and it competes with Garmisch to be the top ski area in this country. It can be reached easily from Munich. The town Oberstdorf is located between Munich, Stuttgart and Lake Constance. People can arrive there easily. There are two airports around two hours drive (in good conditions) from the area, one of them is The Memmingen Airport.

The other name for Oberstdorf is “Kur”. It is called as it, in summers. The ski resort of Oberstdorf has access to 44km of downhill skiing and is home of international competitions of ski jumping in Germany. Also, there are facilities offered to visitors such as accommodation options.

Without doubt, “Germany ski vacations” are a great option to take in mind, when people who love skiing, decide for a vacation destination.

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