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Job Search in Germany

Whether you have decided to leave your country and work abroad in Germany, or just want to find a new job in this awesome country, then, we want to present you here with some useful information about “Job search in Germany” and also with some resources in order you find a job that matches your expectations. Getting a job in one of the countries with the strongest economies in the world can be an easy process, if you don’t overlook some important things about what we talk about here, so let’s read about some of them.

Finding a job in Germany

Employment Germany, for decades, has been the promised land for lots of people who are looking for a better life. Despite the crisis in markets across Europe, the German system offers very favorable working conditions, good salaries, 30 days holiday, generous benefits and a schedule that helps reconcile work and family life, so there are many reasons why foreign people try to find a job in this awesome country.

One of the ways to find a job in Germany is by going company to company with your resume. Another traditional and effective way to find a job is by checking the wide range of jobs in newspapers and magazines. Currently, one of the most common ways to find a job is through Germany Employment Agencies, which help you to find the right job. 

Employment agencies in Germany provide opening up of the ample job options to the jobseekers. In many cases, employment agencies actually act as outsourced human resources departments. 

Important documents

The job search in Germany, as in other countries involves writing a resume and a cover letter, in order you can be eligible for a job interview, so here, we are going to talk about the “resume”

If you want to be considered in the job interview, you must have a good resume that shows professional qualifications and experiences to stand out from many other candidates. Depending on the job, you should highlight your skills, training, and experience. You should specify what you have achieved in every job, and give some information about language skills and education. Unless you have excellent German skills, consider using professional help to write your resume.

In order you write a good resume, you must check some resume samples and resume templates. There are plenty of them online, so there is no excuse to not write an outstanding resume. These will give you an example of what to include in your resume and will help you to choose the appropriate format for it. We recommend you to visit "Resume samples", a useful website, where you can find many resume examples according to your profession. 

Another important thing you can’t forget about is including personal references. This type of information is valuable, even if your employment was not career-related. Include two or three references and make sure your references are aware you have mentioned them as references.

A German resume is often longer than in other countries, but the recommendable it is not to exceed the two pages. 


Here are some websites, where you can find job offers in this awesome country:
    Here, you can find many English-speaking jobs offers in Germany. Whether you relocate to Germany or you are a resident in this country, you will find here a variety of professional jobs and casual work offers.

    This is a website of Germany’s news in English. Here, you can find excellent job opportunities for foreign professionals at top’s employers in Germany. This website includes job offers from other reliable websites related to jobs.

    If you are interested to work in the capital of Germany, then you can visit this website and find among others, English speaking jobs. Through this website, you can also access to other websites related to German jobs in other cities such as Hamburg, Munich, etc.

    Find your new job through this website. If you are a foreign, then, here, there is an easy access to jobs that require knowing your language. They collect jobs offers from the best Germany agencies in order you find easily your jobs.

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