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Drinking in Germany

Drinks in Germany have a high percentage of alcohol, and the country is one of the heaviest alcohol-drinking nations in Europe, just around 5% of Germans are teetotalers. The most popular drink around the country is the beer, it is made in different ways and every German region has its own kind of beer, some are stronger than others. In Germany, beer is not recognized as “alcohol”, it is known as food. There are more than 5000 breweries that produce the beer, so the price is the lowest of Europe. Other popular drinks in Germany are wine, apple wine and drinks made with fruits.

Drinking in Germany

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Beer is an important part of Germany’s culture. Beer includes water, carbohydrates, proteins, alcohol, carbon dioxide, vitamins and valuable minerals...

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Important terms for people interested in experienceof beer in Germany, recommended for tourists worldwide...


You must try the Wine of Germany and visit Wine regions, being some of the most attractive places to explore...

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