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Eating and Drinking in Cologne

Cologne is one of the largest cities on Germany and it is also a city with many ethnic groups, so you will find many attractive restaurants and pubs where are served exquisite food and typical drinks of Cologne.

  • Restaurants & Cafés in Cologne Restaurants in Cologne are quite varied; there you can find distinctive food of many countries. There are also restaurants that serve local food like Himmel und Ääd, many of these restaurants are in tourist places and could be expensive.

  • Kölsch & Köbes In Cologne the local beer specialty is known as Kölsch. This beer is less bitter than the standard German larger beer and it is served in small thin glasses. In the garden beers and breweries the kölsh is served by waiters who are known as köbes.

  • Backdoor Wine City Cologne Cologne is one of the wine growing regions of Germany, so its wines are really excellent. Its main vineyards are near to the Rhine; from there you can admire beautiful sights of the river and many castle ruins.

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