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Berchtesgaden Germany is a country with a lot of history that had been trough for many troubles to be the successful country that it is now. A country brimming of beauty with fairy tale castles, striking landscapes, artistic churches, and incredible culture. Germany invites you to have an amazing trip with overwhelming attractions.

Here we show you the best destinations of Germany.

best destinations of Germany

The Rhine

In Germany, The Rhine has a spectacular beauty and it is a popular holiday destination. There you can find impressive places to visit like castles, cathedrals, vineyards and hiking trails. Its magnificent scenery inspired a lot of painters and poets. In fact, Germany is full of castles, but the Rhine has an especially amount of important castles. Some are ruins and many of them have survived the past of the years.


Trier is located in Mosel River Valley, is known as Germany’s oldest city. The City was one of the seats of the old Roman Empire, a proof of that is the amazing ruins’ architecture. The most dominant structure is the mixture of two churches: The Dom St. Peter and the Liebfrauenkirche, both build upon ruins.


Berchtesgadem, with its beautiful scenery, is an attractive town to visit. The city is mostly visited in winter by its ski resorts on the edge of the Berchtesgaden National Park. There is also the “Eagle’s Nest”, the famous mountain that was refuge of Hitler in the World War II, from there you have an impressive view of the Berchtesgaden area.


Near from Frankfurt, Wüzburg is a vibrant university town surrounded by vineyards and full of architectural splendors. Its cultural scene includes traditions and popular events like the Mozart Festival and the Africa Festival which attract many visitors every year.


Bamberg is a city with an original character and a very special atmosphere. 1000 years of history are united in an Old Town that is a cultural and architectural site of European rank.


Potsdam, capital of Brandenburg state, is a suburb of Germany’s cosmopolitan capital: Berlin. This beautiful baroque city is home for the magnificent palace of Sanssouci that is comparable with other amazing European royal palaces like Versailles and Windsor Castle.

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