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Bamberg is a very generous city that has many attractions and charms to enjoy it. Besides to be the beer drinker Eden because in the city are located nine breweries, Bamberg has architectonical and artistic buildings across the entire city like the Bamberg Dom, Bamberg old Mill and City hall or the Town hall. The city is one of the most orderly in Europe with clean streets, sorted parks and gardens inter alia. For this reason Bamberg is one of the favorite places to visit, according a survey of tourists and visitors.

Here you can see amaze places and landscapes, Roses Garden of Bamberg, the views of Regnitz River, the Cathedral of Bamberg, the Bamberg Residenzschloss and much more. In this way, Bamberg is jewelry inside of Germany with St. Michael Church or its traditional buildings, the city is an obligated point to know and visit. Below we bring you a selection of the best views of the city.

This page contains a large selection of Bamberg photos, city views, monuments, churchs, streeets, attractions, etc. Click on the images below to enlarge them.

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