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Bamberg Travel Guide

Arrival to Bamberg

Bamberg By Plane:
If you arrive from America or Asia, you should fly via the International Airports Frankfurt, Munich or Amsterdam to Nuremberg. Next, to arrive to Bamberg, you have to take the train.

Bamberg By Train:
There is an inter-city train Munich-Berlin that stops at Bamberg every 2 hours. But, if you are in Nuremberg, take the train at the Nuremberg Central Station which takes 45 min to arrive to Bamberg.

Bamberg By Car:
In Bamberg there are many motorways:
  • The A9 motorway (Berlin-Nuremberg)
  • The A7 motorway (Hannover-Wuerzburg)
  • The A3 motorway (Frankfurt-Nuremberg)
  • The A73 motorway (Nuremberg-Coburg)
  • The B22 motorway (Würzburg)

Visitor Information
In Bamberg there is a Tourist Information Office that you can contact for any information:

 Bamberg Tourist Information Office
 Geyerswöthstrasse, 3
 Telephone: 0951/871161
 Hours       : Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday to 3pm, and                   Sunday 10am to 2pm, May to October.

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